How do I arrange pages for printing in InDesign?

How do I arrange pages for printing in InDesign?

You normally don't.

Well you could do some stuff like moving the back page of a folder next to the front page, to see the overlap of images across the spread. (Switch off the Allow Document Pages to Shuffle in the Pages side menu, and don't forget to set the correct page number under the Section &; Numbering options as well.)

And there's also this Print Booklet command, to do some simple re-ordering of pages in order to put all technically adjacent pages next to each other in a simple brochure. E.g. to print 2 portrait A5's on an A4 landscape page.

But in general, just setup and design pages as being viewed – page by page, with Facing Pages to yield spreads. This will make it much easier for you to use proper margins and columns (and page numbers).

Even a threefold folder should actually be setup as 6 narrow portrait pages, with two a bit more narrow if it doesn't fold as a zig-zag. (E.g. 210 by 100+100+97 and 210 by 100+100+97 mm, or 6 x 210 by 99 mm, to fit a double sided A4 landscape. Again, the Allow Document Pages to Shuffle, will let you do that (plus the Page Selection tool to set a page's width differently).

Supply all pages separately (not as spreads) in the PDF (with registration and crop marks and all), and let the printer do the magic of impositioning all pages on their large size paper format. They have specialised software to do just that.

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